Tile™ Finding Technology

Have you lost your house key and are scrambling through your neighbourhood to locate it? Don’t worry! Tile has an easy and convenient solution for you.

Introducing Skullcandy’s newest findable sound

Now you can find your headphones and individual earbuds even when they’re powered off.

Music with finding power

Tile™ and Skullcandy have partnered to bring you a collection of headphones and earbuds with Tile™ Finding Technology onboard.

Explore Collection

Turn it on

Just download the Tile™ app and create an account. The simple in-app instructions will show you the way.

Find your buds

  • Locate your earbuds individually.
  • Find them when they're powered OFF.
  • Find them in a closed charging case.
  • Find them outside of Bluetooth® range with the Tile™ network.

*Support selected headphone and earbuds. Crusher® ANC 2, Sesh® Evo, Riff®, Push Active™, PLYR™, Mod™, Method® ANC, Sesh® ANC, and more.

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